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Nov 28, 2021

Can computerised care plans really make your life easier?

Well the short answer is yes. But we know that might not convince you, so have a read of this week's blog to find out how computerised care plans are making the lives of care managers across the UK easier.

What is a computerised care plan?

Computerised care plans are digital versions of your paper care plans. Digital care plans can be updated and reviewed via a computer or a smart device, and are generally formed from a series of assessment questionnaires that enable a person-centred result.

How are they different to paper?

Apart from the obvious physical vs. digital difference it comes down to their functionality. Paper care plans can be difficult to store safely, hard to search through, and often irrelevant to an individual, not to mention the time that it takes to write them up by hand. That’s where computerised care plans are different. They are updated quickly at the touch of a button and in real time. This means that they save a huge amount of administration time, which can be better spent on delivering improved care quality.

How can computerised care plans help managers?

The beauty of a computerised care plan is that it does a lot of the work for you in the background. As Carers input data the system is updated in real time which helps you monitor resources and care. The software also compiles all the of data in one place. Everything from health metrics and incidents can be presented in simple visual charts, saving you from spending all day looking at a spreadsheet, and making it super easy to analyse data and spot trends.

But managing a care home isn’t just about analysing numbers, it’s about managing people as well. That’s why with computerised care plans you can also organise staff taks and to do lists, making those repetitive tasks that little bit quicker and much less tedious.

How does it help to demonstrate care during an inspection?

No one wants an inspection, but using a care management software can make inspection day a little bit less daunting. By having all your care notes safely stored on an electronic system (which is all GDPR compliant), it’s quick and easy to find out the past care history of a resident. What this means is that it’s simple to evidence care improvements over time as well as see exactly what kind of care a resident is getting.

On top of that the CQC (Care Quality Commission) have praised care providers that currently use electronic care systems day to day, highlighting how it helps staff prioritise their tasks on those who need it the most as well as helping to give individuals more control over their care. Innovative use of technology helps tackle some of the CQC’s key questions asked on an inspection (including the safe handling of data, effective communication, and response to people’s needs) meaning that having an electronic care system could put you steps ahead.

Why not try a pilot scheme in your care home today…

Computerised care plans might sound a bit daunting. That’s why we work so hard to make sure our system is really easy to use. Many Care Managers that use our software started off running a pilot scheme in their homes, and none of them have looked back since! So give it a go today, just head over to our Get Started page  to begin your pilot to see if your home can ditch paper and go digital.

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