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We changed our pricing model to better reflect your needs

Learn more about the motivation behind our change of pricing model and what exactly is changing.

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Bernice Ruban
Bernice Ruban
Product Marketing Manager
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Today, we launched a new pricing model for all of our plans.  

What’s changing?

There are three major changes to our new pricing model:

Prices are based on active service users

Our prices are now based on your number of active service users per site. This means that if your number of active service users changes, the price of Log my Care for the next month will change accordingly.  

New plans with tiers and add-ons

You can still mix and match to configure your product set-up to fit your needs. We did however slightly adjust our plans. You can now select one of three tiers – Starter, Pro or Group. The Starter tier encompasses all the features you know and love from our legacy Core module (plus, it’s still free!), while Pro combines your favourite features of our legacy Care Plans and Risk Assessments, and Pro modules. Group continues to offer all the functionalities you remember from our Groups module. Each tier can be complemented by one or more of our add-ons – Family Portal or eMAR.

New annual plans

Next to our monthly pay-as-you-go subscriptions, we now also offer annual plans. If you’re looking for discounted rates, more predictability, or simply prefer one big payment over multiple small ones, you can now choose the annual subscription option for any of our tiers or add-ons.

Why are we changing our pricing?

We realised that our legacy pricing model needed some fixing, as it didn’t adequately reflect the realities of running a care service. With our new model, we aim to correct these issues by:

Offering much-needed flexibility

Instead of the old flat fee that always stays the same, the new model offers you the opportunity to downscale or upscale your costs along with your number of active service users. And that’s not all. It also allows you to mix and match monthly and annual subscriptions to fit your business needs.

Making pricing fairer to everyone

Rather than charging every service provider the same price, independent of their size, our new model bases the price on each provider’s actual need. That is why our new pricing depends on the number of your active service users rather than your potential capacity.

Increasing value with an improved product set-up

Our customers used our product and we listened. Based on their usage of our legacy plans, we adapted our product set-up and introduced new plans and add-ons that better reflect your needs.

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