May 10, 2022

Our new pricing plans explained

We have new pricing plans consisting of three mutually exclusive tiers and two add-ons replacing our old system of modules. Discover how the new plans work.

Today, we launched a completely new pricing model for all of our plans. We did it for one reason: to offer you pricing that better reflects the realities of running a care service. Our new model provides more flexibility and makes pricing fairer to everyone.

It also comes with new pricing plans that better reflects how our customers have been using our legacy modules. So, let us run you through our new plans:

Step 1: Choose your foundational plan

As the foundation of your customised product set-up, you can choose one of our mutually exclusive product plans:

  • The Starter Plan
    This plan has everything you need to get started with digital care delivery, at no cost. It encompasses all the features you know and love from our legacy Core module, such as quick logs and To Dos. And just like the Core module it is and always will be completely free to use - no usage limits, no hidden costs. Because we believe every service should have access to technology that makes caring easier.  

  • The Pro Plan
    Our paid plan combines all your favourite aspects from our legacy Care Plans and Risk Assessments, and Pro modules. With it, you can elevate your care planning with features such as risk assessments, care plan creator, body maps, handovers, document storage, offline mode and more.

  • The Outstanding Plan
    Our Outstanding care management system is designed to make running electronic care management across a cluster of sites easier than ever before. Next to all the features from our new Pro Plan, it also includes functionalities such as managing site performance or additional access levels for users.

Step 2: Complement your choice with one of our add-ons

On top of one of the plans, you can decide to expand your Log my Care set-up with one or both of our add-ons. If you can’t decide on one right away, that’s not a problem. We’ve got you covered. You can easily add or remove add-ons at a later point of time.

  • eMAR  
    Electronic MAR (eMAR) is a powerful electronic medication administration and recording tool that reduces the amount of time spent managing your clients’ medication needs.
  • Family Portal
    The Family Portal add-on is designed to help people outside of your care service to stay in touch with their loved ones. It gives family and friends access to your service users’ care information in a simplified timeline in the Log my Care app.

Step 3: Get ready for added pricing flexibility

Now, we mentioned that this change is motivated by the desire to offer more flexibility. And we really mean it! That’s why you can mix and match subscriptions. Simply combine an annual subscription with a monthly one.

Let me give you an example:  
John’s care service has an annual subscription for the Starter tier that renews every January. In March, they decide to start using eMAR. But they want to test it for a few months before committing to an annual plan. So, they choose a monthly subscription for eMAR next to their annual plan for Starter. By June, John and his staff are convinced that the eMAR is exactly what they need and shift to an annual contract. To spread out the cost, they decide to keep the billing date for eMAR separate from the billing date for Starter, and start their annual plan for eMAR in June.

Get started

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