Sep 21, 2020

Coronavirus Second Wave preparation guide

Download a guide to help you manage a potential Coronavirus second wave in your care service. We have included answers to all your questions to keep your service safe during this uncertain time.

We all know that talk of a Coronavirus second wave is everywhere at the moment. We also know that for care services, the idea of a second wave is causing a lot of worry. That’s why we have teamed up with industry experts to create a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for the possible second wave.

The Coronavirus second wave guide answers some of the most important questions care services are facing at this time. It also gives a detailed list of all the resources care services can look to for guidance and help

The Coronavirus second wave guidance has moved!

You can now access all our handy Coronavirus material when you sign up to use our free Coronavirus monitoring tools. In response to the pandemic we have developed a range of features that care services can use to shield, monitor and save lives, including respiratory charts, cough and temperature recording tools, as well as a symptom dashboard.

Alongside these free tools, when you sign up you will get access to all our customisable and printable Coronavirus guidance documents.

Get the guide here

Here to help during the COVID crisis

Log my Care is doing everything in its power to help its community and beyond. We will continue our efforts to help the care sector as much as possible. Please do share the help COVID-19 guides and documentation with anybody who needs it, as these documents are brought to you as easy-to-access, store copy and print. Don’t forget our free care software offers you track & trace, as well as symptom monitoring capabilities too – so if you’re concerned about a potential outbreak in your service you can use robust data to mitigate any outcomes.

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