Regulatory compliance
Sep 20, 2023

Download our free overview of the CQC's new single assessment framework

Download our free PDF overview of the CQC's single assessment framework to prepare for the new inspection process and stay compliant.

Download our free overview of the CQC’s new single assessment framework

Not sure where to start with the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) new single assessment framework? Overwhelmed by all the information out there? Not to worry, we’ve got a free overview of everything you need to know––that you can digest within five minutes and easily share with your team.

What’s in the overview of the CQC’s new single assessment framework?

The regulator will be implementing a new inspection methodology this year, and we know how overwhelming it is to keep up with all the CQC changes and what you actually need to be aware of.  

Our overview contains a two-page guide, including:

  • Five key points of what’s changing
  • Five key points of what’s staying the same
  • Steps you can take to prepare for these CQC changes  

To get your copy of the new changes, fill in a few details above and we’ll send it straight to your inbox. 

We also have a new ebook on the new assessment framework that easily breaks down all of the above, plus everything else you need to know to get prepared.

We hope this document helps you understand the latest changes, and feel better equipped on preparing for CQC inspections. We have a lot more CQC resources coming but if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how Log my Care could help you better evidence care, you can get in touch with our team of digital care management experts.  

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