Using digital social care records for the first time – a care manager’s perspective

We caught up with Kelly Gallimore, the Registered Manager at Primrose Care Home, a residential service supporting adults with dementia in Houghton le Spring. She talks about her reservations to using a care management platform, what the team think since they’ve started using Log my Care in 2020 and her advice to other services looking to go digital.

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Did you have any reservations about using a care management platform?

"At first, I didn’t really know if we should go digital and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Everyone was really apprehensive to try something new. But once I signed up, I downloaded the App from the App Store and everything after was just as simple."

How are you finding our platform since you went digital?

"The Carer App is fantastic! My team can reach into their pockets, pull out their phones and log the care they’re delivering right there and then. They don’t have to leave the room to go to a computer and type it up or write it down by hand on paper."

What’s your favourite thing about Log my Care?

"The ease of recording is what I’m most pleased about – things aren’t being forgotten because care is logged immediately. Big shout out to lovely Customer Success Team who’ve helped us get used to the platform – we love the Care Office!"

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