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Jul 15, 2019

How does Care Manager software help managers?

If you're thinking about how to improve your care management system, then care software could be a really effective and time saving option for you and your care home.

What is Care Manager software?

If you’re thinking about how to improve the quality of care in your service, then implementing care manager software could be a an effective and time-saving option. It allows you to remove the requirement for paper care management, effectively switching your service to a digital method of managing, coordinating and recording care data. This means that you inevitably reduce the time you and your team spend finding, writing and analysing care plans and notes.

How does it display information to Care Managers?

With care manager software, your Carers log all of their notes as and when they complete care tasks via an app. All of this data then gets fed back to you via a central portal (ours is called the Care Office, in case you were wondering). You think that’d be a lot of information to sift through, especially when you have many residents, varying levels of acuity and multiple carers. but that’s where care manager software gets really clever. It sifts through and analyses the data and turns it into meaningful reports or charts and saves you the time having to interpret all the care notes.

What can the information help with?

All of your data is saved securely on the cloud and you’ll be able to access any of it as and when you need. This means that you can easily search and see historical care notes and records. Using this information makes it a lot easier to analyse individual resident logs and health metrics over time, and you can adjust care plans to make sure the care that is given is always outstanding and person-centred. Some will help carers fill out ABC Charts so you can better understand how a resident is communicating over time, this information can be really useful when assessing care plans and their effectiveness.

We also know that care providers need to be mindful of their resources and how they operate as a whole, not just on an individual level. Care manager software can help you analyse things like food and medicine resources or even health metrics over time, allowing you to analyse patterns and trend, to help evidence care provision and drive outstanding levels of quality.

When you use care manager software that’s connected to the internet, it gets updated in real time. This means you can see what tasks are being done and when. If someone’s to-do list is getting a bit too full then you can even re-distribute tasks to other carers – making care delivery more effective whilst making sure carers aren’t rushed when giving care.

What do Care Managers using Log my Care think?

We think that care manager software can make the lives of Managers, Seniors… heck anyone that’s involved with the management and coordination of care delivery that little bit easier. Members of the Log my Care community who have already been trying the software have given us really positive and helpful feedback (we’re all about listening to what you think and tweaking the software accordingly). We’ve heard from lots of  Managers that they love the fact that it’s free and straightforward to use, making the switchover easy and cost-effective. We’ve been told that it’s saved managers time when compiling stats, and made it a lot easier to distribute tasks and keep on top of care delivery, which has helped when evidencing care during CQC reviews.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what other care providers using Log my Care think themselves.

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