Nov 19, 2019

How Log my Care is disrupting health care management software

Health care management software is a broad term that covers a variety of software that care providers can use to organise, distribute and monitor care delivery throughout a care home or care service. Like all software, it’s accessed electronically through a variety of different input devices.

The best systems can be operated by all members of staff from frontline Care and Support Workers right the way through to Managers and Clinical Director level staff. It’ll give access to care information in real time to help support care delivery and facilitate better care quality in the service. However, it really isn’t as complicated as it sounds and many care providers are ditching paper and moving to software for their care records. Our care management platform means that all of your care records can be recorded and updated electronically via a handy smartphone app for carers which is overseen by a Manager through their own bespoke portal called the Care Office. Whilst there are loads of care management systems available, we know that we are actively making really positive improvements to the way that the industry works.

It’s the only free care management software on the market

Log my Care is the only freemium care management software on the market. Yes you read that right – the core elements of our software are totally free! That means that you can download the carer app and start updating your daily notes, store your records on the cloud and distribute tasks to carers with no upfront cost. Whilst there are plenty of health care management software vendors in the market, they haven’t actively catered their offerings for care providers who’re feeling the squeeze in profits and reduced

We work directly with carers and managers to build exactly what’s needed

We’re tired of seeing tired Carers and Managers who are struggling with balancing all their daily tasks with the mountain of administration that is required. Being diligent, writing up care notes, ticking off their to do lists, or simply updating care records all staff have increasingly difficult amounts of admin to perform alongside the most import. That’s why all of our care management software has been designed with carers in mind – we’ve worked with those on the frontline to create a digital care system that fits into carers’ lives seamlessly and helps their daily work.

There’re no complicated forms to fill when starting

Not only is Log my Care free, and designed by carers to make the process as simple as possible, it’s really easy to adopt into your care home. Once we’ve validated that you are a registered care provider and everything is set up on the office manager (we don’t think you’ll need it but our support team can always lend a hand) just follow the steps on the email, log in and start planning your care!

Making everything we can easier than ever

One of the things that we constantly hear from our community is how much they love how easy everything is to use. We’re proud of how intuitive the app is, with simple to use buttons and icons that guide you through. Even those who find new technology a bit daunting have embraced the app and found it super easy to pick up. This isn’t a coincidence, we pour a huge amount of effort in ensuring that the system is easy to use and requires little formal training if any at all.

The results?

Well we don’t want to boast too much, but care providers are loving our software – we’ve even won awards for it. It’s rated by carers for how user friendly it is, as well as how it helps carers save time and deliver better care. If you don’t believe us have a look at our Google reviews to see what other carers are saying.

Or come and give it a go yourself…

If any of that has interested you, why don’t you come and see for yourself? All you need to do is fill in our Get Started form and we’ll send you an email with what to do next. You’ll join thousands of care professionals already at the forefront of change in the care industry…so what are you waiting for?

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