Announcing June's Carer of the Month

Our June Carer of the Month is Toni from Beaufort House! Congratulations to Toni and all the other Carers who were nominated this month, we are inspired by your dedication and hard work.

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It’s time to announce June’s Carer of the Month. Last month we recognised Myrtle Williams for her dedication to her service users and her career as a Carer.

June’s winner was nominated by multiple colleagues for making history at her care service. Let’s find out who our lucky winner is…

Congratulations to Toni Smith from Beaufort House! 👏

Toni was nominated by her colleague, Hollie, for her dedication and hard work for her service users.

“Toni is a very hard worker and dedicated support worker,” said Hollie.

“She made home dialysis happen for our service user who used to get distressed in hospital 3 days a week. He has so much more energy and quality of life and seems so much happier. This also makes us the first care home in the south of England that provides dialysis at home and that is all because of the dedication and hard work Toni put into getting this to happen.”

What an incredible example of going above and beyond for your service users.

We’ve sent Toni and her team some treats to celebrate her award 🍰

Congratulations to Toni!

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