Jan 5, 2021

LaingBuisson Awards 2020, we've been nominated!

LaingBuisson Awards recognise excellence in the health and social care world and we are so proud to have been nominated for the Innovation in Care Award for their 2020 ceremony.

What are the LaingBuisson Awards?

The LaingBuisson Awards showcase businesses that set new standards of excellence within their industries. The Awards have been running for the last 15 years. They offer an opportunity for businesses in the health and social care industry to receive acknowledgement for their innovation and commitment to outstanding services and products.

Thank you to everyone who helped get us here ❤️

We would not be up for the “Innovation in Care Award” if it weren’t for our incredible team. They have worked non-stop to continue improving our software and building new features to make our app the best it can be.

We would also like to thank our amazing community of service users and partners. You motivate us and help our product to evolve by offering their valuable feedback and advice.

The Awards have been postponed until April, but we eagerly look forward to hearing the results and have all of our fingers and toes crossed to win!

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