May 15, 2020

Why Is National Carers Week Important

Last week we celebrated National Carers week by sharing five incredible Carer of the Month stories on our social media accounts. Read them today!

Last week was National Carers Week (8th – 15th of June), and we did something a bit special: we shared 5 stories of the Carers of the Month that have won in the past two years and celebrated them once more.

We’re so proud of our community, especially seeing how everybody managed to cope with the pandemic and is still working tirelessly with often, very little help. We admire that. We wanted to celebrate carers everywhere. We receive hundreds of Carer of the Month nominations every month and there is not one that we do not read. Simply because taking some time out of a busy day and nominate a co-worker is not something carers HAVE to do. It only proves how thoughtful and loving carers are, and that’s the reason why we enjoy doing what we do.

National Carers Week is important and should become viral. Often we need a reminder of how difficult a carer’s job really is, and they need to know that they are seen. We encourage everybody to support carers everywhere.

To help care professionals during the coronavirus outbreak we provided free coronavirus documents for all care services and built-in a free coronavirus symptoms monitoring tool in the software. We were once again surprised to know how many care services we supported through these actions.


We hope you felt valued and listened to last week. You deserve it all year long!

Read the stories here

How can you get involved with our Carer of the month awards?

Every month, our team select the Carer of the month from the superstar Carers, Managers and Care Professionals that are voted for by our community.

We send across some yummy treats to say thank you for being awesome, whilst sharing the news with everyone else who uses Log my Care.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is simple, just be part of the community and do what you do best… care! The process is simple. If you’re not already signed up to use Log my Care in your care service, then visit our Get Started page and get signed up. It’s free and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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