Product updates
Mar 15, 2022

New consent management feature

Capture consent and lack of capacity using our customisable templates - simply get clients to digitally sign a form, then set a review date or archive this later.

Capture consent and lack of capacity using our customisable templates - simply get clients to digitally sign a form, then set a review date or archive this later.

You asked us for a way to digitally manage consent records and we delivered. Introducing our consent management feature – the newest addition to our Pro Tier 🎉

Service users or their Legal Power of Attorney (LPA), can now sign digital consent forms, directly in the Care Office.

Why consent matters

Not only is consent a legal requirement, but it’s also a central way you can respect your service users’ dignity and autonomy, and get them involved in their own care. By establishing consent, the responsibility for what could go wrong is transferred from your organisation to your service users. As a care provider, having a signed record of this consent can be invaluable, should those risks become reality.

"Without consent records being in place, it can put care workers in an awkward and unsafe position of delivering care in a way that a person wouldn’t want."
Mark Topps | Regional Business Manager, Essex Cares Limited

How to manage consent with Log my Care

You can now easily manage your service user’s individual consent records and keep tabs on your service’s consent and lack of capacity form templates – from the Care Office.

Managing an individual’s consent

To get the ball rolling, you need to ask your service users or their LPAs to digitally sign consent or lack of capacity forms within the Care Office and schedule reminders for when the consent should be reviewed. To make things easier for you, multiple forms can be signed with just one signature. You can see all signed consent records within each of your client’s profiles, providing you with an audit trail of when the form was created, who signed it and when it was last edited and reviewed.

When you review a form, you can then easily archive this if consent is later withdrawn.


Managing your service’s consent form templates

Find a variety of consent and lack of capacity templates in our form library within the Care Office’s settings. Forms include consent to care and treatment, vaccination, financial support, and many more. You can view and edit all templates and choose which ones to use for your service, archiving any you don’t need (don’t worry, you can bring these back if you need them later!)

What our customers say

We think this feature is great, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our service providers think:

"This is a really good thing and will make our consent compliance excellent."
Barbara | Breakthru Care
"We’re really liking the consent forms and the layout and process it takes you through."
Luke | St Margaret’s Nursing Home
"It’s very simple and easy to use. I can see the benefit in standardising consent."
Neetesh | Abbey Lodge

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