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Sep 21, 2023

Download our free Waterlow risk assessment template

Standardise your current risk assessment processes with our free templates. Use our Waterlow risk assessment template to evaluate the risk of an individual developing pressure ulcers and to improve care. Download now for free!

Need a standardised process for evaluating Waterlow scores? Download our free Waterlow template now  

What are the benefits of our Waterlow template?

Our Waterlow risk assessment template helps you gather necessary client information, assign scores based on risk factors, calculate the overall score, evaluate risk levels and develop an appropriate care plan.

The benefits of our Waterlow template include:

  • Simplifying assessments with a structured format and standardised scoring system
  • Enhancing consistency and accuracy in identifying pressure ulcer risks  
  • Enabling systematic tracking of risk factors and early preventive care
  • Facilitating communication between care teams for comprehensive risk management
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and comprehensive documentation

To get your copy, fill out your details in the form above and you will receive an email with your free template.  

Want to standardise your other risk assessments? Check out our free templates for BMI and manual handling and download them now!

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