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Nov 30, 2023

Why BIRA Care Homes chose Log my Care

Nursing home, BIRA Care Homes, shares why Log my Care was the best choice to help their team save time and transform their service efficiency in 6 months.

BIRA Care Homes is a nursing home located in Wales that provides care and support to 72 adults over three sites, with 100 carers to help meet their needs.

BP Khanal, Corporate Strategy Manager at BIRA Care Homes, had gone through multiple demos to find the right system to move his team away from paper. While attending the 2023 Health Plus Care Show at ExCeL London, Log my Care provided him with a tour of their intuitive care management platform in less than three minutes, which was quicker than another supplier's demo which took fifteen minutes. This gave BP confidence that Log my Care’s system would be less complicated for his staff and easy to implement.


It took the team 2 weeks to fully adopt Log my Care. After six months of using the platform, the team at BIRA Care Homes saw:

  • More time spent bonding with residents.
  • Staff save up to two hours per day in note-taking.
  • Daily tasks become easier, and staff less stressed.
  • Improved data confidentiality with device security, and compliance overall.
  • Information between staff shared within 15-20 minutes, instead of hours or days.  

Challenge: Improving task overview, staff accessibility, and regulatory compliance

With a platform like Log my Care, BP wanted to solve three major challenges:

  • Improve the assigning and overview of staff tasks, so that processes were optimised for care delivery to be easily evidenced.
  • Make the staff’s lives easier, so they could save time and be more present with service users.
  • Minimise manual work without compromising compliance or quality of care.

As a business, BIRA Care Homes also wanted to keep track of documents, reduce admin errors, and reduce the amount of forgotten information from staff.  

Manager, Janet Watkins, agreed that they needed an easier way to evidence data and keep care plans up to date––especially when inspectors, social workers, or district nurses visit.

“Log my Care makes it easier to assign tasks to staff straight away, rather than managers and senior leaders having to repeat themselves. It’s less time consuming, and we couldn’t have done this if we stayed on paper.”

- Janet Watkins, Manager at BIRA Care Homes

Solution: Log my Care for easy staff adoption and more efficient, on-the-go care

Cutting down on paper, printing, and administrative tasks was key to enable staff to spend more time with residents and less time writing up notes at the end of the day that would also take hours. So, with the intention of finding something that was easy to implement, they chose Log my Care after a quick, revealing demo.  

Care plans became more accessible than ever, and its intuitive, user-friendly interface allowed their carers to stay informed and deliver care with ease.

“Log my Care’s made everything a whole lot easier and tidier––there used to be paper files all over the floors and tables. It’s enabled staff to sit with residents and make entries discreetly, and it’s really great in terms of process.”

- BP Khanal, Corporate Strategy Manager at BIRA Care Homes

In terms of training and getting started, the team found that once you go into the system yourself and have a look around, it's straightforward and easy to understand. BP and Janet experienced that it has multiple ways to incorporate customisations, including for risk assessments and care plans.

Log my Care’s Monitoring Reports feature enabled efficient oversight of food and fluid checks, helping the team identify residents who hadn't consumed enough fluids. The Handover function also increased communication, ensuring proper attention to critical information.  

Benefits: A centralised care process, happier staff, and impressed inspectors

Transitioning from paper to digital not only saved them hundreds of pounds every month from paper and printing costs, but more importantly saved their staff up to two hours per day in note-taking.

It took BIRA Care Homes about two weeks in total to go digital, and now they can all find and view their documents in one place. This made sharing specific data with inspectors a lot more efficient.

Janet said: “Younger staff adopted the system a lot faster than older staff, who were more apprehensive. What we did to help was pair up older and younger staff members to help bridge that knowledge gap. They showed me helpful things Log my Care could do that some of us didn’t even know yet!”

Results: BIRA Care Homes after 6 months of Log my Care  

  • More time is spent bonding with residents.
  • Staff save up to two hours per day in note-taking.
  • Daily tasks became easier, and staff are less stressed.
  • Improved data confidentiality with device security, and compliance overall.
  • Information between staff is shared within 15-20 minutes, instead of hours or days.  

Log my Care also allowed the team to set tasks for the staff immediately, eliminating the issue of senior staff repeating themselves to each carer, and providing better oversight of progress.

Moving from paper-based records to Log my Care proved incredibly helpful during regulatory inspections, impressing inspectors, social workers, and district nurses with quick and accurate information access to evidence care delivery faster.

“We recently had an inspection from the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), and the feedback we had from the inspector was great. This was probably the strictest inspector we’ve had in a while, and he gave us very positive feedback about Log my Care.

"It was very easy to show the inspector everything he needed about one resident in one place, rather than going through different sets of files. Completion of logs and assessments were accurate and detailed, easy to read, and easy to connect the links between care plans, logs and assessments.”

- BP Khanal, Corporate Strategy Manager at BIRA Care Homes

Finally, BP closed with saying, “The staff have no complaints. I’ve already talked to a lot of providers about Log my Care. It’s easy to use, and the whole team is very friendly and prompt.”

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