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Apr 5, 2023

Why carers are leaving the sector

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a snap poll of providers late last year to gauge current views on workforce challenges.

CQC's poll findings

Many adult social care providers who responded cited pay as having an impact on recruitment and retention issues – “people are not wanting to work in the care sector. Low pay and long hours.”

This snapshot view backs up a much bigger adult social care workforce survey which the CQC has been building since 2021 with the help of its inspectors. The survey explores, with care home and homecare providers, the impact of workforce challenges and staffing shortages on the services they deliver to people.

In the survey, 36% of care home providers and 41% of homecare providers said that workforce challenges have had a negative impact on the service they deliver. Like care homes, two thirds of homecare providers said staff were leaving the sector.

The top three reasons for leaving are:

  • Pay and conditions
  • Staff burnout
  • Increased cost of petrol.

Workforce challenges are also compounded by paper-based systems. Around 60% of care providers in the UK are still using pen and paper to manage their service. Doing this takes up a huge amount of space, causes complications between staff, especially with handovers, and is inefficient when it comes to gathering data and insights and conducting inspections.

Transitioning to a digital care management platform empowers your staff through simpler care plans and reduces operating costs and admin time thanks to streamlined processes. This means staff spend time doing what they do best - providing outstanding care.

Now's the ideal time to go digital. Registered care providers are able to apply for grant funding from their local Integrated Care System (ICS) which pays for 50% of their annual license fee for a digital social care record. Here's how you access the grant here.

If you’re interested in a deeper analysis of job satisfaction and technology in social care, take a look at our research report, which is packed with interesting information, facts and figures. Our investigation looks at the sentiment in the social care sector and explores the ways technology can contribute to a happier and healthier workforce. Download a copy of ‘The future of care’ here.

There’s also support to take your teams on the digital journey.

Get help retaining your staff with digital skills training courses

Feedback from The Digital Skills Review (2021) shows that the adult social care workforce felt motivated to develop their digital skills, particularly older workers. 

  • 76% felt that digital learning was an essential part of their career progression.
  • 61% wanted to develop their skills in using digital technology.
  • 68% of those aged 55+ wanted to develop their skills in using digital technology.
  • And 65% said that the COVID-19 pandemic had increased their need for digital skills.

A new Digital Skills Framework has been published alongside a collection of digital skills training resources to help support staff in their learning and development.

The draft framework has been developed as part of the Digitising Social Care programme, with support from Skills for Care and with input from care providers and organisations across the social care sector.

To learn more about how you’re able to support the digital journey of adult social care providers in England, and improve the quality of care, go to Digital Social Care, a dedicated space run by social care providers, for social care providers. 

If you know about the funding from your local ICS and you have any questions about Log my Care then please set up a call with us.

We’re the only digital care management platform that offers a free plan. We're on a mission to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care. That's why our starter plan is 100% free and always will be – no catch, no time limits or usage restraints. It includes everything you need to get your electronic care planning system up and running.

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