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Dec 17, 2019

Why do you need to get point of care software in your care service?

Care coordination software is a singular platform that care providers can use to organise, distribute, and monitor care delivery throughout a home or care service.

Using, understanding, and updating paper care notes can be time consuming and create barriers to delivering top quality care. Luckily Log my Care has a solution for that with Point of Care software. We’ve filled it with features that make carers lives easier, and here’s how it can help you…

What is point of care software?

Point of care software is an electronic way of recording care notes. Care staff can access electronic care records for each resident via a secure app from their smartphones, which allows them to see what each resident in their care needs each day, as well as any other tasks. Staff can then update care notes and records simply by ticking off tasks and adding a few notes for each resident. This is all done at the point of care delivery and whilst a carer is out on the floor.

And here’s why you need it:

It’s better than paper care notes

Recording everything digitally means that care records can be updated in real time, making them more accurate than paper care notes, which might not be updated for hours. Features in Log my Care such as the one-tap iconised buttons means that notes can be updated and read easily and quickly. It means that care flows a lot better between shifts and new staff can see exactly what has happened with each resident in previous days. Point of care software also backs everything up to the cloud, where it is stored securely in line with GDPR regulations – keeping electronic care records much more secure than paper notes.

It can save providers time

Even if you are the fastest writer in the world, handwriting care notes is always going to be time consuming. Not only does writing something up by hand take longer, often a lot of time is wasted by carers trying to file through pieces of paper to find relevant information. Using point of care software cuts the time spent writing up notes dramatically, and makes it easy to search through care records, saving carers time that can be better spent delivering care.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about care home managers – they save time by being able to rota staff and measure care-home wide resources and reports all at the push of a button.

It can save you money

We know that those working in the care sector are being squeezed on all sides by rising costs and challenges of care provision. Some trusts are even spending as much as £500,000 a year on storing paper notes! That’s why the point of care software developed by us at Log my Care is completely free (and the main bulk of it always will be – we feel really strongly about that). There’s also no minimum contract or charges to access your data. That means you can start utilising the benefits of point of care software and start reporting on and managing care immediately without having to shell out for upfront costs.

It can help improve care quality

Put simply, if you’re saving time and money then carers have more time to spend one on one with residents, and more money can be diverted into providing carers with the resources to deliver top quality care. Having real time updated and accurate care records also means that care can be delivered seamlessly throughout the care home and residents get the quality care they deserve.

Is it right for you?

We don’t like to brag, but we think any care home should at least give Log my Care a go – you’ll be part of a growing community in the care industry’s digital revolution. Simply create a free account and once we’ve verified you as a registered care provider and you’ve added your residents and carers, you can be up and running in a few minutes. We’ll even talk you through the process if you need a little bit of help to get started.

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