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Oct 15, 2019

Point of care systems in care homes

When clinical staff and carers deliver care to an individual, this is recorded in care notes which can be digital, or paper based. We call this a point of care system which traditionally included a lot of paper-based and handwritten notes (which can be difficult to read at the best of times).

Care providers are now moving towards digitalised point of care systems bringing them a whole host of benefits, not to mention a standardised format so you don’t have to struggle with reading messy handwriting!

What can point of care systems do?

Digital point of care systems allow care to be recorded on the go as carers deliver 1-2-1 care, so instead of spending hours writing up notes by hand, data and records can be updated by filling out specially chosen and relevant options on software designed for carers. The data is all stored securely on the cloud, keeping care homes up to date with new GDPR guidelines.

How can they make carers’ lives easier?

These point of care systems can be accessed by carers when they are with residents, meaning that carers have all the relevant information as and when they need it to deliver the very best care.  At Log my Care, our point of care system has been developed through having open conversations with carers, so we can really understand what you need. To help plan daily tasks, we’ve introduced a whole suite of nifty features that we think make all the difference. Carers can use the Log my Care system to accurately see their daily tasks and tick them off as they go along, helping them plan their time effectively and making their jobs that little bit easier.

Why do they help your residents?

Ultimately a digital point of care system is a lot quicker to use and record information than by using an equivalent paper-based system (check out our article for more information on the paper vs. digital comparison) , minimising the time that carers spend writing out notes, and maximising the time spent delivering care to an individual.  Care plans can be accessed and updated easily, meaning that care remains person-centred and can be easily recorded or adapted as a resident’s needs change.

How do they help managers?

The majority of the software is free so there are minimal upfront costs for care homes. Point of care systems also allow managers to track care delivery throughout the home easily and see reports and analysis of data and resource usage, giving a more accurate representation of care. It also allows managers to delegate relevant tasks to different carers and makes sure that care standards can be evidenced over a period of time.

Where can you get a point of care system from?

If a digital point of care system sounds like it might be a good option for you and your care home, then speak to us here (we’re really friendly I promise!). Or you could run a pilot in your care service, we can even help you set it all up over the phone and it’s really easy to do. We think it could make a real difference to care delivery in your home.

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