Switching from Ablyss to Log my Care

We caught up with Charles James, the Registered Manager of Avican Support, a learning disability and mental health service offering supported living, respite and community care across the east of England, to find out why they switched electronic care providers.

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Log my Care
Log my Care
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Why did you switch your provider of digital social care records?

"We found the Ablyss layout difficult to navigate and staff had to do extensive training to get used to the system – something we don’t have time for."

"The [Log my Care] platform is very clear."

How do the platforms compare?

"Log my Care is so different from Ablyss as the platform is very clear and easy to use. There’s no need to do extensive training and everything is straightforward."

"I’d happily recommend Log my Care to a friend!"

What do your team think?

"The team are really impressed! I have a carer in their first week and they’ve started using the platform right away without any help needed from me! The platform is very clear and I don’t even need to do any training."

Any final comments?

"I’ve had absolutely no problems at all and I’d happily recommend Log my Care to a friend!"

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