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Feb 15, 2023

Evidencing care made easy

Michael Prior, Clinical Care Manager at Capital Staffing Services, chatted with us about their experience using our digital care management platform over the last two months.

The team at Capital Staffing Services provide support to 20- 25 high dependency children, young people and semi-independent adults and have over 90 carers working with them, as part of their agency and home care service.


Before starting with Log my Care, Michael and the team were completely paper-based, with no digital systems in place. This hindered the care recording and the entire evidencing process. Concerns or incidents that were recorded on paper would sometimes only make their way back to the office after 7-14 weeks, which meant we could potentially miss urgently required updates. Collecting more information and data was time-consuming too and difficult to keep up with.

Mike shared with us some of the challenges they had with paper-based records:

  • Gathering data
  • Misplaced or difficult to find paperwork
  • No auditing or evidencing processes.


Shortly after joining Capital Staffing Services, Mike went on the lookout for a digital solution to help resolve all the issues the team were facing. From his previous experience using Access, PASS and Care Planner and in-house solutions, Mike wanted a more flexible platform and was recommended Log my Care by a colleague.

After finding out more about our features, Mike decided we fit the bill!  

"The freedom/flexibility of Log my Care was the big appeal.”

Here’s why:

  • Data collection – easily accessible from one central place
  • Charts and reports – great to evidence the care delivery
  • Easy-to-use – staff can pick up the app and instinctively know what to do.


After just two months, Mike and the team are using the system effectively and are getting stuck into reports: “I can go on and look at charts full of information, where I had nothing before. I can see where there’s an issue and investigate.”

“Suddenly we have data! Every time we add somebody (service user), the system becomes easier to use.”

These are some Log my Care features Mike likes:

  • Charted information
  • Receiving incident alerts
  • Multiple ways to log care.

Advice to others

Mike advises everyone to follow the ‘rule of three’ when looking for a digital care system:  

  1. Never look at less than 3 providers – do some research and look on the internet
  1. Ask around and find out what people are using
  1. Get an overview of the market.

“We didn't immediately need care plans to give carers access to the logs – we already have 1000s of entries (After 2 months of using LMC)"
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