From “Good” to “Outstanding” with Log my Care

Jennifer Bridgen, Registered Manager at Care Taylor Made, talked to us about how they’ve managed to achieve the outstanding rating and the impact Log my Care had on their service.

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Log my Care
Log my Care
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Care Taylor Made Ltd. is an “outstanding”- rated Supported Living service located in the West End of Darlington. They provide care and support to adults with complex needs.  


Care Taylor Made Ltd. were completely paper-based before they started using Log my Care. “I had paper everywhere; things were building up” - this was Jennifer’s drive to start looking for a digital care system. She needed an affordable solution that was going to meet the company’s needs. Most digital care records she looked at, before finding Log my Care, were overpriced or had a standard price which was not suitable for Care TaylorMade Ltd.


Jennifer shared with us the challenges they had with paper-based records:

  • Time-consuming care recording process  
  • Paperwork was building up and demanding more space
  • Difficult to keep track of all the care records


Jennifer wanted to deliver outstanding care as well as provide a positive experience to her carers who were juggling paperwork and care delivery.  

While searching for a suitable digital care system, Jennifer was recommended Log my Care by trusted peers in the care sector. At first, she was apprehensive to go digital as all of her carers had only used paper-based records until then, but she soon realised implementation was easier than expected.  

  • Staff loved the system! – they got to spend more time with service users
  • No training was needed - despite staff having no prior experience with digital care systems
  • More data – provided insights into service user’s behaviour and improved care plans
“Log my Care is just as easy as downloading an app on your phone.”  

Beyond Log my Care’s ease-of-use, Jennifer shared a few of her favourite features our system has: person-centered care plans with automatic reviewing alerts that help ensure compliance, the ”About me” feature that provides carers with valuable information about each service user they work with, and reports and charts that help Jennifer identify patterns, triggers and improve the care plans.  


After starting with Log my Care, Care Taylor Made Ltd. was rated from “Good” to “Outstanding” by CQC. They’re doing an excellent job at caring for their service users and staff as well as evidence service responsiveness and demonstrate that it’s well-led. Log my Care has made the care delivery process easier and more person-centered and helped Jennifer provide quick answers during the CQC inspection.  

“Log my Care helped us achieve “outstanding” because it’s enabled us to provide the care we always wanted to. We can now spend more time on other elements of care, not just the paperwork side of it.”

Without any training, only 2 weeks after switching from paper-based to Log my Care, Jennifer’s team started to see the results:

  • Clear care plan reviewing procedure – CQC loved this as all care plans were reviewed on time due to the automatic alerts.
  • Transparent evidencing process – during the CQC inspection, Jennifer was able to show the system and demonstrate the exceptional care they delivered, all from one central place.
  • Continuity of service – with the digital handovers, information was easily transferred from each shift, nothing was left out.  

Advice to others

Having achieved the CQC “outstanding” rating, Jennifer believes her advantage was to use an all-rounded digital system that helped her demonstrate all the hard work that went into supporting the service users achieve their goals.  

“I know a lot of providers, they have separate systems, whereas I would say it's really helpful having everything on Log my Care, eMAR charts as well as all your logs and all your care plans, all your risk assessments in one place.” 

Jennifer also advices other care providers to look for the recommendations of other colleagues who are already using digital systems.

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