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Feb 15, 2023

How Care TaylorMade’s CQC rating went from Good to Outstanding with Log my Care

Supported living service, Care TaylorMade, shares how implementing Log my Care helped them achieve an Outstanding CQC rating, and why Log my Care was the right system after being paper-based.

Care TaylorMade is a supported living service in Darlington, county of Durham, that provides care and support to adults with complex needs, including learning disabilities.

Jennifer Bridgen, Registered Manager at Care TaylorMade, set up the service with her family in 2018 after they couldn’t find suitable care for her sister with severe disabilities. Combining Jennifer's social work experience, her father's business sense, and her mother's 35-year caregiving background, they created a family-like home with housemates that blends into the community.  

After navigating CQC registration challenges, the service did well enough to need expansion and transitioning from paper to digital was a new necessity. Log my Care’s affordability and ease of use gave Jennifer the confidence that it was the right system to respond to their rising demands.


It took the team 2 weeks to fully adopt Log my Care. After implementing the system, Care TaylorMade experienced:

  • Increased staff satisfaction.
  • More time spent with service users.
  • Increased CQC rating from Good to Outstanding.
  • No training was needed despite no prior staff experience with digital care systems.
  • More data was available to provide insights around client behaviour and improving care plans.

Challenge: Reducing time-consuming tasks, decreasing paperwork, and improving record management

Some of the core challenges Jennifer faced with paper-based records included:

  • Time-consuming care recording process for staff  
  • No dedicated office to store paperwork, taking away space from service users
  • Difficulty keeping track of all the care records  

They had paper everywhere, with things building up the more they archived documents. This was Care TaylorMade’s drive to start looking for a digital care system.  

Jennifer relied on recommendations from fellow managers who had first-hand experience of the challenges she was trying to solve for. However, she was dreading implementing a new platform due to her older staff and amazing carers having been paper-based their whole careers.  

The new system had to be affordable to meet business needs, and easily adoptable for staff.

Solution: Log my Care for on-the-go care records, reduced tasks, and better oversight

After finding out about Log my Care through a Facebook group for registered managers run by Skills for Care, Care TaylorMade found the platform’s easy-to-use interface and price point to be the perfect fit.  

They wanted to deliver outstanding care as well as provide a positive experience to staff who were juggling paperwork and care delivery. Because older staff have had to adapt to mobile phones and things like downloading apps, Jennifer said it took no time at all for them to get used to Log my Care, especially younger staff who absolutely love it.  

According to Jennifer, implementation of the system went smoothly because managers put in as much information as possible, such as care plans and risk assessments, instead of relying on their busy carers to do it. “Having that information there before introducing carers to the system was definitely helpful.”

As well as easier logging of care records to improved oversight of tasks, Log my Care’s features helped Care TaylorMade stay on top of regulatory requirements. Jennifer’s favourites included the person-centred care plans, which have automatic review alerts to help ensure compliance.  

She also enjoyed Log my Care’s “About me” feature, which provided carers with valuable information about each service user they work with, and reports and charts that helped Jennifer identify patterns and triggers to improve the care plans.  

The Care TaylorMade team found Log my Care’s eMAR feature a massive improvement to tracking and evidencing medication, as well.  

Benefits: Clearer review processes, transparent evidence of care, and continuity of service

Two weeks after switching from paper-based records to using Log my Care, Care TaylorMade saw the benefits of going digital. They already had a Good CQC rating, but implementing Log my Care took their service efficiency to the next level: an Outstanding rating.

The team experienced a clearer care plan reviewing procedure, which the CQC loved since all care plans were reviewed on time, every three months, due to Log my Care’s automatic alerts.  

Evidencing care became more transparent, as well. During their CQC inspection, Jennifer was able to show the regulator the digital system and demonstrate the exceptional care they delivered.

No details were missed thanks to Log my Care’s thorough digital handovers and ease of information sharing from each shift. This helped the staff achieve better continuity of service.

The Care TaylorMade team have been able to get service users out of the house more and spend more time on the other elements of care.


  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • More time spent with service users
  • CQC rating went from Good to Outstanding
  • Two weeks for the team to implement Log my Care
  • No training was needed despite no prior staff experience with digital care systems
  • More data available to provide insights around client behaviour and improving care plans

Using Log my Care, Care TaylorMade could evidence their service responsiveness and demonstrate that it’s well-led. Log my Care made the care delivery process easier and more person-centred, and helped Jennifer provide quick, data-driven answers during their CQC inspection.

Having achieved an Outstanding CQC rating, Jennifer believes her advantage was to use a well-rounded digital system that helped her showcase all the hard work that went into supporting the service users to achieve their goals.  

“I know a lot of providers have separate systems. To get an Outstanding rating, it was helpful having everything on Log my Care – our eMAR charts, logs, care plans, and risk assessments are all in one place.”

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