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Nov 25, 2022

Going digital without any training

We caught up with Kerrie (Quality and Training Manager) and April (Registered Manager and Operations Lead) from the CCT Community Enablement Team. They run adult domiciliary and residential services, and a therapeutic farm for children and young people with education, health and care plans. The Team have been using Log my Care for several months now and love that they can use one system for everything they need.


Before starting with Log my Care, the CCT Community Enablement Team were using paper records for care plans and risk assessments. April remembers how much pressure and stress being paper-based put on their staff: "Working on the floor of our care home, we saw the impact admin was having - it took too long and prevented us from spending more time with residents."

They were considering going digital for a while, but quickly realised that it was time to try it out to fix all the issues they had with:

  • Large amounts of time spent on record-keeping and reviewing logs
  • Unnecessary duplication of documents
  • Increasing pressure from the CQC to go digital.


After having a look around on the market, they decided to test out Log my Care at Enablement Ark, the service's therapeutic care farm. Kerrie commented that, "Staff were initially a little bit worried about using a digital care management system but within a day they were fully convinced and using the app like pros."

Everybody found our platform was:

  • Easy-to-use and straightforward
  • Intuitive without the need for training.
"97% of our staff say implementing Log my Care is the best thing we’ve ever done."


After successfully piloting it at the Ark, Kerrie and April started using our platform across their other services and couldn’t be happier with the results!

Not only does it save them and their teams time on record-keeping, it has also had a few unexpected benefits. April highlights how:

"The Care Office has made communication with external professionals like doctors much easier. Information that would in the past have been burdensome to compile now sits at our fingertips in real time, like food and fluid charts." She added, "We can easily evidence trends and changes in behaviour using mood logs."

Kerrie added that new staff use the app from day one, "They add their care logs on dummy profiles and start using the system straight away. They just tap, tap, tap and the system generates a log for them."

"It used to take hours for us to review care plans. Now, we do that every day and make changes right then and there."

Advice to others

Having used our platform for several months, Kerrie and April are recommending other services in their network to try it too.

Their advice is to, "Update everything prior to starting the implementation to hit the ground running and be sure to have enough devices for your staff," adding "Just go for it!"

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