Switching from CareDocs to Log my Care

We caught up with Gary Palmer, the Manager at Langley Court Rest Home, a service offering residential and respite care in Surbiton, to find out why they switched electronic care providers in 2020.

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Why did you switch your provider of digital social care records?

"We found CareDocs very repetitive, entering in the same key client information again and again. For example, when you go to complete risk assessments, you have to manually type in what you’ve previously entered before you get to fill out what you came to complete.

"Entering logs was also very time intensive – we had to write logs out each time. To save time, staff copied and pasted standard text but we had a few issues with compliance where resident names weren’t being changed."

"Log my Care’s risk assessments show how to prevent accidents from happening."

How do the platforms compare?

"We were over the moon when we found Log my Care’s risk assessments! The platform goes straight into what the risk assessment is, what to look for and how to prevent accidents from happening.

"It’s a lot easier to use and much more user-friendly."

What do your team think?

"They find it a lot easier to use and much more user-friendly. English isn’t a first language for many of our team, so having icons and pictures to represent common tasks has made it much easier for them to enter logs."

Any final comments?

"It’s been great to send in ideas and have these put in place – something that never happened with CareDocs. I’m looking forward to making more recommendations!"

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