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Oct 12, 2021

Decoding MAR sheet codes

At the bottom of every MAR sheet there are several codes relating to medication administration. These are used to indicate what happened when the medication was administered. We've written a short blog to decode these codes and help you understand exactly what each means.

One of the many things you’ll come across in the social care industry are abbreviations and acronyms. Something that eMar charts have in abundance and if you’ve found yourself wondering what these chart codes mean, we’re here to decode them. MAR charts can differ depending on the pharmacy that provides them or the template you’re using to record medication administration. However, most of them will contain the same codes. Read on to find out what each code means.

Our cheat sheet

  • R = Refused
    When a service user refuses a medication
  • T = Taken
    When a medication is consumed by a service user
  • NT = Not taken
    When a medication is not taken by the service user e.g.they they weren’t available during the medication round
  • ADM = Administrated by
    Whoever administrated the medication should sign or initial next to this (never sign for a medication you didn’t administer yourself)
  • WT = Witnessed by
    If the medication requires a witness to be present, sign or initial the name of the witness next to this
  • C = Hospitalised
    If the service user has been hospitalised
  • D = Social leave
    If the service user is on social leave
  • E = Refused and destroyed
    If the service user refused the medication and the medication was then destroyed
  • P = Prompt
    If the service user required a prompt when the medication was administered
  • NR = Not required
    If the service user no longer requires the medication
  • M = Made available
    If the medication was made available for the service user to take

See our eMAR system for yourself

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