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Apr 6, 2021

Rated Outstanding with Care Plan Technology

Percy House, a care service for adults with mental illnesses and learning disabilities in Blyth, went digital with our care plan technology in October 2019. Within a week they were up and running and shortly after received their first Outstanding rating from the CQC!

Want to know how easy it is to go from a Good rating to Outstanding? Just ask the staff at Percy House and their managing director Stephen Locker. Locker and his team brought in our care plan technology and saw a boost in their CQC rating.

Percy House is a care service in Blyth for adults with enduring mental health problems, Autism and mild/moderate learning disabilities. The organisation consists of an 18-bed care home for clients with mental health problems and an additional 50 clients who live in the community. Percy House went digital with our care plan technology in 2019 and received an Outstanding rating from the CQC just a few months later. Their secret? Going digital!

Staff were nervous… until they tried LmC’s digital care plans 📱

Stephen knew that it was time to go digital, though some of his staff were wary of care plan technology replacing the paper system they were so used to using.

"We have 30 staff members, 50 percent of whom are over the age of 50," said Stephen. "They were more comfortable with the paper system initially. It was an interesting experience for us to sit down with some of the older staff members who weren’t very tech-savvy and intimidated by some elements of tech. We wanted to explain how this will be of benefit to them."

Stephen spent 6 months researching care management software before deciding to start a trial version of the Log my Care in October 2019.

Fully digital in a week with our care plan technology 🖥

Just one week after downloading the care plan technology, Percy House was up and running!

"We wanted to get better at data capture, getting that analytical perspective and Log my Care ticked those boxes," said Stephen.

"The software is so user-friendly. It’s very easy for new staff members to understand the system and the data capture is far better. We record a lot more information which is more reflective of the care we provide," said Stephen.

"I think often providers deliver excellent care but don’t capture that. We’re doing it in real-time and recording as you go. So, from an analytical perspective, it’s helpful. Anyone can phone me up to talk about a specific client and I can go on the Care Office and with the push of a button explain to them how that person is doing, what they’ve eaten, if they’ve slept, and so on. There’s very little downside to it really."

From Good to Outstanding 🌟

Percy House’s journey to digital helped them provide better care for their service users and saved the Care staff time and paperwork. It also helped them boost their rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Just two months after Percy House transitioned to digital care plans, they received their first Outstanding rating from the CQC! Being able to evidence excellent care at the click of the button made the entire inspection process a breeze, too! 😁

Stephen and his staff have been using care plan technology for over a year now, and can’t imagine going back to a paper system. Even those who were wary of technology at first are now big fans of the software.

"If we told them today that we were removing Log my Care from the working day, they would go crazy because they’re so reliant on it now."

No risks with Log my Care care plan technology 👍

Taking the plunge and adopting care plan technology was easy for Percy House as Log my Care’s Core plan is totally free. There’s no cost at all, and should any of the other plans be of interest there are 30-day free trials for each module.

"The Core plan [Log my Care’s free software] makes it worth taking a punt because there was very little initial outlay financially," said Stephen. "I thought, we’ll try it and if it doesn’t work, we haven’t stretched ourself financially."

"The software has been fab in terms of the way it’s helped innovate parts of our business. Everyone I talk to has nothing but positive things to say about Log my Care," he said.

Go digital and improve your rating today

If you’re interested in going digital and taking your care service from Good to Outstanding, book a free demo with our team to see how we can help you improve your care processes without compromising quality.

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