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Jun 1, 2021

Supporting the Social Care Community during COVID

We take a look at the data collected from our coronavirus monitoring tools and reflect on how we supported our community during COVID19.

How we helped

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit London, we didn’t know what was in store for our social care community. We worried that our service users would be dealing with incredible amounts of stress, long hours, and difficult decisions. Unfortunately, we were right. We wanted to help in whatever way we could and we knew that meant jumping into action as soon as possible.

Free coronavirus monitoring tools 🦠

Our team quickly developed a package of coronavirus monitoring tools to help log and track symptoms among care recipients. We focused on temperature, respiration rates, and symptoms, as they were the most common signs that indicated infection. We made the feature totally free so that everyone in the social care community could benefit from it.

Monitoring tools to help track symptoms 🌡

The data that was gathered by the COVID monitoring tools could then be viewed in easy to read charts. These charts are accessible in the Care Office. Care Managers could track any outbreaks and report anything that seemed of concern to the rest of their teams.

Our team noticed that the temperature tracker was the most used feature in the COVID monitoring toolbox. We’ve had nearly 500,000 temperatures logged since the start of the pandemic in March!

We’ve also had 3,043 coronavirus assessments filled out and over 4,000 coronavirus tests recorded.

This tells us that the tools we’ve built are useful, as care services across the country have started relying on them. They have helped slow the spread of the virus in the care services we work with. Many Carers have shared that the coronavirus monitoring tools relieved a great deal of burden from them.

The monitoring tools helped our community of Carers log and track any outbreaks quickly and easily. This kept the virus from spreading throughout their care services, keeping their service users and colleagues safe.

Additional COVID resources for the social care community

We also consulted with industry experts to create a pack of resources around visitation guidelines when lockdowns and visiting restrictions started to come into effect. ?

We created content on how to protect against COVID and how to make the most of the Infection Control and Prevention fund grants that were allotted throughout the autumn. Additionally, we shared COVID-19 rapid testing consent forms to help visits go smoothly over the holidays.

Continuing to support you

Log my Care was started with the mission to make Carers’ lives easier. Despite 2020 being a very difficult year, we hope that our software was able to relieve some of the hard work that our community faced every day. We are committed to continuing to build software that leads to positive changes in the social care community.

If there is something you’ve noticed about our app or our software that could be improved, or if you have an idea for a new feature that would make your life easier, pop it into the “request a feature” board in the Care Office.

You can also ping us a message via the Chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and someone from our team will get back to you. Our response time is pretty speedy so you shouldn’t be waiting for long! 👍

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