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Apr 1, 2021

Switching from Nourish to Log my Care

We caught up with Neil James, the Social Care Manager at Ashdale Care Home, a service offering nursing, residential, respite and day care in the heart of Pembrokeshire, to find out why they switched electronic care providers.

Why did you switch your provider of digital social care records?

"My service were previously with Nourish for a number of years, but wanted to find something more flexible and affordable, that better suited the needs of our service."

"It’s [Log my Care] much easier for carers to use."

How do the platforms compare?

"I had a look around and I liked what I saw with Log my Care.

"There’s a really good overall layout and feel, especially the arrangement of the logs. It’s also super easy to do reporting on – the Care Office is much easier to use!"

"With Log my Care, if you make a suggestion, it gets done."

What do your team think?

"Our team prefers the Log my Care platform as it’s much more person-centred than Nourish. The minute you click on a resident, you can see all the relevant information you need, including their care and support plans and charts.

"Bottom line, it’s much easier for carers to use."

Any final comments?

"It’s great to be part of a community. With Log my Care, if you make a suggestion, it gets changed or it goes into the ‘request a feature’ section – this didn’t happen at Nourish."

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