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Nov 7, 2023

Log my Care vs Nourish Care: Which is the best care management software for your service users?

Log my Care is a Nourish Care alternative that helps improve person-centred care across your care service.

How is Log my Care different from Nourish?

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Minimal training needed to get started
  • Transparent about product, services, and pricing
  • Caters to a wide range of care types and services
  • 24/7 online support hub for easy, ongoing assistance  
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Log my Care vs Nourish: Overview

Using care management software is the best way to get oversight of your service and ensure that staff have easy access to up-to-date information.

Nourish is known for encouraging care teams to collaborate and align more for improved outcomes. Based on 10 reviews, it has 4.5/5 stars on Google. The platform has been around slightly longer than Log my Care, and is available on desktop and mobile.

But like a lot of similar care software, its product offers an all-in-one solution to increase efficiency in a care service.

Log my Care is the most intuitive, user-friendly care platform. With 4.7/5 stars on Google, based on 348 reviews, it uses customer feedback to continuously improve its platform and ensure it is truly able to meet industry needs.

Log my Care offers an online dashboard through a web browser and an app, empowering care teams to improve their oversight and impact. This allows them to spend more time on their service users whilst reducing administrative work.  

Let’s dive deeper into what both platforms offer.

Log my Care vs Nourish: Main differences

Types of care  

Nourish caters to multiple types of care, including:

  • Child and young people’s services
  • Nursing homes
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health care
  • Residential care

Log my Care offers services to a wider range of providers, and is suitable for:

  • Domiciliary care
  • Learning disabilities
  • Residential care
  • Supported living
  • Nursing homes
  • Live-in care
  • Retirement villages
  • Personal health budgets
  • Case management

Suitable care provider size  

Both Log my Care and Nourish provide services to care organisations of all sizes.  

Nourish provides more customisability for larger providers but this is where Log my Care’s offering differs.

Log my Care is proud to be able to offer more focus to both larger and smaller providers. It encourages accessibility within the care industry, whilst being able to help organisations scale as they grow.  

For larger providers in particular, Log my Care has a dedicated system to effectively keep these organisations informed of its capabilities and their impact on bigger care teams––from the moment they book a demo, onboard, and beyond.

Set up and training  

Like Log my Care, Nourish offers both on-site and remote training sessions to help you onboard and get the most out of the care management software.  

Nourish may require longer training to fully grasp how it works and additional time to customise configurations, depending on the type of care you deliver and your needs.  

Log my Care’s system is so easy to use, minimal training is required to get care teams started. Over 70% of users feel comfortable using Log my Care in less than a week.

"We tried Nourish, but nobody could operate the software after 2 full days of training. With Log my Care, I had it up and running and the staff using it within 1 hour."

- T. Sanderson, Director at Crimson Care

Log my Care’s key features

1. Link Risk Assessments to Care Plans  

Choose to connect care plans to relevant risk assessments, for added convenience and to keep carers updated with client information.

2. Add photos and videos to Electronic Logs  

Simply tap away to generate logs with full sentences, and add additional comments, pictures or videos to include more details of care delivery.

3. Create actionable plans with Outcomes and Goals  

Set specific goals which you can link to care plans and logs and create action plans based on progress and individual care needs.

More Log my Care features

  • eMAR
  • Outcomes and goals
  • Handovers
  • Tasks
  • Body maps
  • Reports and charts
  • Noticeboard
  • Consent management with digital signatures

All Log my Care features are available in both the Carer App and the Care Office for increased communication and oversight.

Nourish features

  • Care plans
  • Assessments
  • Personalised timelines
  • Body maps
  • Activities
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Messages (in the mobile app)

Nourish doesn’t allow you to add videos to logs, but like Log my Care, it allows you add photos.

Log my Care vs Nourish: Pricing

Nourish requires you to book a demo or get in touch to find out more about their pricing and get started with their platform. They have a fixed, flat rate available at £195/month with limited features for smaller care teams and require card details to start a free trial.  

Depending on your needs, Nourish can be up to 50% more expensive, with more costs for setting up.

Log my Care’s set up costs depend on your plan and needs but are nowhere near as costly if you choose to pay for onboarding. It doesn’t require card details to get started with a trial, and offers a free Starter plan because its mission is to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care.

By being transparent with pricing, Log my Care makes it easier to choose the right care management platform for you, and sign up with confidence.

Log my Care’s minimum contract length is 1 month, and Nourish’s minimum contract length is 12 months.

Log my Care Pricing

Log my Care’s pricing is based on your number of active service users, plus any paid add-ons you choose to include in your plan.  

All Log my Care plans include the Self-service support hub and no setup fees, while the two paid plans also include product training and 24/7 support.  

Log my Care’s Starter plan

All the benefits of digitising your care records, plus:

  • Ability to track clients and teams, set reminders, and schedule tasks for better organisation.
  • Monitor COVID, record incidents, and maintain accurate electronic logs with time stamps for safety and record management.
  • Control device access, generate reports, manage tasks, and enhance data security and insights.

Log my Care’s Pro plan

All the benefits of Starter, plus:

  • Team alerts, support digital signatures, and view read receipts, while notifying staff with a digital noticeboard for easier management.
  • Assist with service user care, risk assessments, and staff training using body maps, care plans, risk assessments, templates, and training management tools.
  • Enhance efficiency and compliance through features like consent management, device access control, handovers, offline access, and document storage.

For 10 service users, the Pro plan starts from £100/month.

Log my Care’s Outstanding plan

All the benefits of Pro, plus:

  • Have more access options, switch between sites on one dashboard, and easily activate or deactivate differently sites.
  • Keep an eye on outcomes, goals, and site reports, and compare how well different sites are doing.
  • Easily move clients between sites to manage them more efficiently.

Log my Care’s optional add-ons

  • eMar to reduce medication errors and effectively log it.
  • Family portal to keep friends and family updated.  

Why owners and managers are switching from Nourish to Log my Care  

Accurately recording and quickly finding relevant client information is crucial when it comes to providing quality care. This is why regulators like the Care Quality Commission (CQC) encourage using digital social care records like Log my Care and Nourish.

With an intuitive platform, minimal training needed, and flexible pricing options, Log my Care’s accessibility allows teams of all sizes to modernise their services in ways that Nourish doesn’t cater for.

If you're a care provider with multiple sites, it's easier to connect them and manage each separately with Log my Care. Nourish customers need to select one specific site to manage at a time.

Switching from Nourish to Log my Care

"Our team prefers the Log my Care platform as it’s much more person-centred than Nourish. The minute you click on a resident, you can see all the relevant information you need, including their care and support plans and charts. Bottom line, it’s much easier for carers to use."

- N. James, Manager at Ashdale Care Home

Read the full case study about Ashdale Care Home switching from Nourish to Log my Care.

Gain hours back

Industry research has shown that 63% of care teams reported that digital tools save them up to 30 hours per week, and it's no different with Log my Care. See how much time you could save with our time-saving calculator.  

Intuitive user experience

Designed alongside carers and managers, Log my Care was made to provide modern technology for all care providers to easily deliver quality care, with more consistency.

Stress-free support

After initial training, Log my Care users benefit from 24/7 support within our system, ready to help you within 5 minutes. Users also have access to our support hub, where they can find helpful articles from our team.  

Flexible, scalable plans

Customers who experience an increase or decrease in service users can upgrade their plans to better suit their needs, without compromising on quality and overall impact.  

Improved CQC ratings

By being able to evidence care efficiently, Log my Care helps customers improve their inspection ratings.

Read the full case study on how Care Taylor Made's CQC rating went from Good to Outstanding with Log my Care.  

Log my Care vs Nourish: Data compliance and integrations

Dealing with sensitive information is a given in the care industry, and both Log my Care and Nourish handle client and care staff data with extra precautionary measures in place.  

Data compliance  

Log my Care’s cyber security measures include:

  • Being GDPR compliant  
  • Being Cyber Essentials Plus certified  
  • Having device access control  
  • Having a PIN-protected app
  • Having shift passwords

Nourish’s cyber security measures include:

  • Being GDPR compliant  
  • Being ISO 27001:2013 accredited  
  • Having device management  
  • Requiring email and password


To enable more flexibility in how care is delivered, Nourish currently offer more integrations than Log my Care.

Log my Care integrates with PainChek, while Nourish integrates with:

  • PainChek  
  • Nexus by GHM Care
  • GP Connect  
  • Radar Healthcare  
  • Cool care  
  • Workforce  
  • Sona  
  • Docobo  
  • Whzan digital health  
  • Ally  
  • Found by Lottie

Log my Care vs Nourish: Key Takeaways

Which care management platform is the best depends on the goals of your organisation and the needs of your care team.

Although there is no right answer, it’s important to consider these differences to be able to make the right choice and investment for yourself.

Log my Care is a great, cost-effective choice if you want a platform that is user-friendly and easy for staff to adopt within a week. It is also suitable for care providers offering services in supported living and domiciliary care, and makes it easier to optimise daily care processes and manage multiple sites.

On top of being intuitive, it is also scalable and can be adapted to your organisation if your needs change as you evolve––all of which is why providers of all sizes choose Log my Care. As mentioned, Nourish can be up to 50% more expensive, with extra costs for setting up compared to Log my Care.  

Nourish requires more extensive training that may be time-consuming for staff to get used to, but it offers more customisations for larger care providers that can be configured to meet needs. If you need a wider range of integrations, Nourish could also be more helpful as it has over ten different integrations to assist in your care delivery.  

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