Product updates
Mar 29, 2022

What's new with Log my Care?

Find out about our product updates and new features from the last 6 months and read our most popular advice and community blog posts.

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? Here’s our latest feature updates and most popular advice of the last six months.

Product updates

We are continuously working on improving the Care Office and the Carer App based on our customers’ feedback to ensure that we can support our customers to focus on the things that really matter. In case you missed some of our latest updates, here's a roundup of the bigger changes we have made since October 2021.

Use electronic MAR charts with our new eMar Module

Save time with this powerful electronic medication administration and recording tool accessible through our new eMAR Module. Check out the original launch announcement.

Electronically sign care plans

Providers that are using the Pro or Group Plan can now add electronic signatures of their client or their Legal Power of Attorney within the Care Office. Learn more in the original feature announcement.

Animated GIF showing a pop-up with 4 screens, the first with text that reads "Does Julie have capacity to give consent?" with "Yes" and "No" checkbox options displayed underneath, the second with text that reads "Does Julie have the ability to sign?" with "Yes" and "No" checkbox options displayed underneath, the third with the heading "Draw Signature Here" with a grey box underneath showing a signature being signed, and the fourth with the heading 'Signed by:" followed by a copy of the provided signature.

Quickly check performance with care quality indicators

Breeze through audits with our new quality assurance dashboard showing you important KPIs from the Key Lines of Enquiry. This feature is available in our Pro Plan.

Get live support around the clock

Get in contact with our support team via live chat at the time that suits you. We’ve expanded our support and are now available to help you with any issue – 24 hours, 7 days a week. No more waiting until office hours to get those questions answered.

Easily manage your clients’ consent

Our newest feature facilitates the documentation of consent in social care settings by enabling service users, or their LPAs, to sign digital consent or lack of capacity forms directly in the Care Office. This feature is available to all care providers on one of our paid plans. We’ve had more than 100 providers adopt this feature in just the first two weeks since its release. Check out the original feature announcement.

Of course, some of our work is also behind the scenes, like improving the stability and performance of the system for all users. But not only do we heavily invest in product development, we also listen to our customers’ feedback and their needs help us prioritise those features that are needed the most.

New advice, guides and tools

We’ve also been busy curating helpful advice and guidance for you on our website’s blog. Here’s some of our most popular pieces of the last six months:

  • Burnout in social care
    Mark Topps reveals the signs and causes of burnout and ways you can tackle these to best support your team’s mental health and your own wellbeing.
  • How to support clients at the end of their lives
    Mark Topps walks you through the steps you can take to best support clients and their families, helping them to fulfil their final wishes.
  • Wage vs responsibilities
    Expert Mark Topps talks about increasing salaries for care and support workers, and how private companies can start a pay revolution.
  • 3 steps to great food and fluid awareness
    Mark Topps offers his advice on creating a welcoming eating environment, from setting the scene to getting those in your care involved in meal prep.
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